3 Keys to Applying the Law of Attraction in Your Life 1

The law of attraction is based on universal principals that the situations, feelings, and emotions involved in your life, is attracted by the vibes you put out into the universe, based on your thinking process, and your emotions.

Thinking negatively, feeling angry, and trapped in a cycle, is going to be attracting the same situations to your life, as you may be currently experiencing.

The first step to applying the law of attraction into your life is to first acknowledge what it is you’re currently getting out of life. If everything that seems to be happening is negative, then the chances are that you’re going be putting out a negative vibe, which in turn will achieve like for like results.

Negative thinking, through situations that make you feel depressed, lonely, or frustrated, comes from the vibes you put out into the universe, therefore you need to change your situation and that’s done firstly through positive thinking.

You need to learn how to manage your emotions, and consistently focus on the results you are seeking from applying the law of attraction into your life.

Easier said than done, you’re probably thinking…

Don’t fret it though, as there’s no point in just emphasising the problem, without providing you the solution to the problem.

The 3 Key Steps to Successfully Apply the Law of Attraction

1)      Believe in the Power of the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is only going to work for you if you believe that it will. It’s one of a psychological nature, where belief is the driving force that will bring with it what you’re striving to achieve.

Without believing in the power of the universe, you are going to be constantly in self-doubt of the philosophy surrounding the law of attraction.

Self- doubt brings with it negative thought processing, and that creates a negative vibe from you which is where you will attract like for like results. Negativity brings with it negative results.

You have to believe that changing your attitude towards constant positivity will bring the preferred results you’re looking to achieve from allowing the law of attracting into your life, so you can progress onto achieving the best out of your life that you can.

2)      Get Clarification for Visualisation

With the power of believing in the law of attraction, you have to consider what you really want in life, and then design a mental picture of you having achieved it.

Clarify what your focus is to achieve.

That can be anything you want:

  • Family trip to Disneyland
  • New house
  • Finding your soul mate
  • Providing family security
  • Bettering your quality of life
  • Eradicating depression

Whatever it is you want in life, think about what your future aspirations are. For most people it’s to better their finances, and as powerful that thought process might be for some, it’s not the answer to how you can improve your life.


There’s a familiar problem occurs when people increase their income, and that’s the fact that the increased income, increases their expenditure. So earning more, then spending more will inadvertently put you back to where you first started. When that happens, you could start to doubt the law of attraction at work, whereas it probably has worked, but self-doubt comes in because people haven’t paid attention to the actual results, through opportunities that’s came their way.

The self-doubt comes in and all that’s left is negativity, and perhaps a string of debt, through not managing the results achieved.

Applying the law of attraction into your life is a lifelong decision, and you need to stick with promoting positive thinking, to achieve results that last.

This is easier to describe as an ongoing development to improve your thought process, but in order to see the results, get visual and narrow down what it is you want to achieve.

If it’s increasing your finances, then narrow it down to why you want to do that.

What will it allow you to do?

Once you know that, then you can create things like a picture board, with magazine cutouts of what it is you’re striving to achieve. If that means to see your son or daughter graduate, then you could use a photo editor to create an image of them in their graduation uniforms, perhaps adding a scroll to the photo.

Put all your clippings onto one picture board, which will serve you a tool to develop positive thinking, and focus you on the results you’re striving to achieve.

Even if you’re not skilled at photo editing, just let your imagination do this for you. Mental visualisation is a powerful developmental tool, which will help you to increase your positive thinking.

3)      Reduce Stress in Your Life

One of the biggest problems in life is stress. While a little bit is helpful, too much stress is a positivity killer. It causes you brain to go into hyperactive mode, creating havoc in your life, when you begin to struggle to think of anything positive, and then struggle to get the most basic of chores done. That will then create more stress and you’re left in a cycle of negativity.

It’s going to be difficult if not impossible to eradicate stress in your life, but it is possible to reduce it.

  1. Organisation
  2. Planning
  3. Preparation

You can work on those three things to decrease the amount of stress you experience. Also, try some yoga exercises, as they’re effective too.

If you do try out some yoga, you can do that with some visualisation exercises to keep you mentally focused and grounded, helping to achieve your goals.

Letting the Law of Attraction into Your Life

With the power of belief, clarification to your visualisation, and bringing stress reduction exercises into your life, you will be applying techniques that allow the law of attraction into your life.

The power of the universe is all around you. All you have to is harness it. Let it into your life, by putting out positive vibes of success and success will come to you. The sooner you harness the power of belief, focus on your goals and roadmap your accomplishments, apply visualisation while reducing stress, your life will become better managed and the things you attract will begin to change.

Opportunities will arise, and it’s then up to you to jump at them. The simplest of opportunities could come from meeting a new friend, who can then open up other doors for you. Things that happen through the law of attraction aren’t always obvious, but they will be there, surrounding you each day.

When they do…

Trust your gut and seize the opportunities that the law of attraction sends your way.

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    So very true! You attract the wrong things into your life when you’re in a negative spiral. Remaining positive and focusing on what you DO want is key. Great post!

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