Find a Soul Mate Using the Law of Attraction

happypThe law of attraction is basically the belief that your thoughts and actions can attract positive or negative energies to your life. Many people believe that there is some sort of higher power in the universe, such as God, Mother Nature, Source, or Allah, which can be used to your benefit if channeled in a way that you truly believe will work for your life. The law of attraction suggests that if you focus on something positive and truly believe that it can attract positive energies and results to your life, it will. The law of attraction can be used in any area of your life to attract positive experiences and positive results in the areas you desire most.

Researchers have actually proven that the law of attraction is a belief that works in whichever way you believe it will work. For example, if you constantly have negative thoughts and feelings about life, you can only expect negative energies to be surrounding you which, in turn, do not allow positive energies to affect you. If you are going through life with a negative cloud above your head, it can create a barrier to the positive energies in the universe from attaching to your life. Negative energy in your life is equivalent to a terminal sickness that has no cure. If you do not believe in positive energies or positive results in anything you do, positive energies will not be attracted to you. In order for you to experience the benefits of positive energies, you must believe that you are worth being happy and fulfilled in everything you do. Once you can break down the negative energies surrounding your life, you are allowing positive energies to take its place which can bring about positive results in a way that you never imagined possible.

Now that you know the basics of how the law of attraction works, you can better understand how you can use it in your life. Are you single but desire to find your soulmate? Have you searched and searched but never seemed to find that one person whom you were attracted to and likewise? Once you have created room in your life for positive energies to roam about you, you are ready to start searching for your one and only soulmate. The law of attraction can and will work for this goal in your life if you only truly believe that it will.

Make a list. In order for the law of attraction to work in attracting your soul mate, your energies or higher power in the universe must know what you desire most. Did you ever create a qualities and characteristics list of your dream man when you were a child? I am sure that most people have considered the qualities they want in a partner but tend to forget about them as they get more desperate for love and affection. You must create a list of important characteristics you want in a partner and believe that they exist in your one person. You could write attributes such as, “I want a partner who loves children,” or “I want a partner who puts me before anyone else.” These are important qualities that you desire in a partner and the higher powers in the universe need to know about those qualities to attract your soul mate to your life.

Act on your list. You cannot just sit back and rely on positive energies to do all the work for you when it comes to attracting your soul mate. You must put effort in as well. If you wrote something on your qualities and characteristics list that may suggest a common like or interest, focus on that interest and participate in any way possible. For example, if you wrote down, “I want a partner who will go hiking with me,” or “I want a partner who loves creative arts,” then you can use those desired attributes to your benefit. Find a hiking group and join or visit an art museum every month to show the higher powers in the universe that you are serious about finding your soul mate.

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Remember your dreams. Many people do not realize that their dreams can sometimes be a look into the future. I have known people who had a dream about a former partner and began seeing them again. They ended up being the happiest people I know who are in a serious and committed relationship. Without action upon that dream, chances are they would have forgotten all about each other and still be searching for their soulmate. If you have a dream about a man you have been interested in your workplace, try getting to know him a little bit more and see if he fits in your list of qualities. One thing you can do to use the power of dreams in attracting your soulmate is to take a notebook to bed with you. If you wake up and remember a dream, write it down. This will show the higher powers in the universe that you are taking every chance when it comes to finding your soulmate and will prove that you are completely ready.

Live your life as if you have already found your soul mate. Since the law of attraction is a belief that if you focus on something positive it will manifest in your life, you must already believe that you have found your soulmate. Truly trust in the higher powers and positive energies to do what you have desired for so long and believe that you will see the results you have always wanted. Go to bed every night and whisper to your future soul mate, “I love you.” Do not postpone vacations because you feel it would be better with a partner. Go through life as if you have already found your soul mate because this shows that you truly believe the law of attraction will work. You must have confidence in your life and by accomplishing this step every day, your positive energies surrounding your life will do all that they can to make your dream a reality.

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