Meditation and the Law of Attraction

There are several practices that have existed for thousands of years that have accompanied humanity’s spiritual awakening, but probably none as influential as meditation in developing our awareness of this dimension of our humanity.

Meditation is sometimes referred to the art of being with oneself and can be an excellent tool and companion in developing our ability to manifest our desires and attract a greater abundance in our lives.

One of the most important factors of meditation is that it affects all aspects of the human experience. It really is something that we do in mind, body and spirit to feel more connected and focused on what we want.

Research has pointed out the wonderful benefits that we get from practicing meditation on a daily basis. We can infer that these same benefits maximize our ability to manifest because of the effect it can have on the mind, body and spirit.

How does meditation connect the mind, body and spirit?

Meditation is a form of connecting the dots within, making sure all the parts of ourselves are perfectly aligned and create the specific “state” that we are looking for. This “state” is actually a vibratory state, something much more than just thoughts.

It’s widely regarded that the nature of the mind is to be busy and active. With the capacity to think or visualize pretty much anything, we have somewhere around 60,000 thoughts a day. As you can imagine, most of these thoughts have little or nothing to do with actually attracting what we want. We create a automated reality from all these thoughts that are more aligned with our past, than with our desired future.

When we meditate our mind goes into its most balanced state. We are able to completely focus on what we want and have the thoughts that we desire in our mind.

Our body also is benefited from meditation, and this helps as well in attracting what we want. Remember that vibration not only comes from our thoughts but from our emotions as well. Our feelings are extremely important in manifestation as they have an amazing power to attract that which feels good, if that is what we focus on, and that which does not feel good, if that is what we focus on.

When we meditate our body goes into its most natural healing state. Everything within the body is humming with creation, searching balance and whatever helps us feel in the most optimal sate. When our body can connect deeply with the Law of Attraction, our feelings and sensations become very powerful attractors. We have the gut feeling that things are shifting into more of what we want.

Finally, our spirit and our connection to everything spiritual transcends the borders of the physical and allows the Universe to filter through us whatever we desire. This is the highest form of energy that we can reach and tap directly into our manifesting state. Through our spirit we are wired into the every possibility and any desire can be methodically filtered down into our physical reality.

Man doing meditation exercises on the beach

When we meditate we have the opportunity to break down the physical and mental barriers and plainly recognize that Spirit is functioning behind the scenes to bring everything into fruition. We stop the endless drama of our circumstances and we connect with our true power and self.

As Teilhard de Chardin once said “We are not humans having the occasional spiritual experience. Rather, we are spirits having a human experience.”

How to set up your meditation practice to optimize the Law of attraction in your life:

Make time for it:

It’s very important to cut out some time for meditation every single day. Remember that you are creating your dreams into reality, so the more time you spend doing this, the more results you are bound to find.  Set a time and stick to it. Every aspect of you loves cycles and knowing when to expect conscious creation just makes it more effective.

Have a specific spot to practice meditation:

Have a comfortable, quiet area where you can meditate on creating abundance. Make sure that this spot holds all the elements that are connected with that which you want to attract into your life. Have this part of your home/office be the most connected to your desires as possible.

Choose a practice:

There are as many ways to meditate as there are ways to get from point A to point B.There is no one way or right way. The best way will always be what feels best for you. Read books, join a group, listen to recorded meditations or ask someone you trust about what works for them. If something just doesn’t feel right, move onto something else. Once something works, stick to it.

sun rising meditation

Keep practicing:

The most important aspect of meditation is that you keep doing it. Just like exercise or a healthy diet, it only counts when it’s consistent. The basis of this is that you keep going at it, even when you don’t feel like it, when you are too tired or too stressed. Keep working on it and it will work for you and your goals.

Integrate your insights into daily life:

Let all that you notice and learn in your meditations become something that bleeds into your everyday life. Make a commitment for this to happen consciously and apply it to the most common situations and enjoy the simplest things. As you flow throughout the day, gently remind yourself where you are and where you want to be.

Remember the key word here is PRACTICE:

Do not strive for perfection or being in an otherworldly state all the time. Meditation is a way of integrating the spiritual into the physical. This does not happen without it ups and downs and sometimes it’s messy. Go with the flow and trust that everything is happening as it should.

Meditation can be your greatest ally in creating more of what you want by honing your thoughts, emotions and body to resonate completely with your spirit and manifest your desires.

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